Paving the way for innovative startups and entrepreneurs into the future of AI, Web 3, and beyond!

What We Do

Vice City Ventures is built on the conviction that AI and Web 3 are disruptive technologies transforming how society operates, similar to how steam engines or the internet expanded the possibilities of our capabilities to unimagined places.

We are part of that transformation by fostering conversations and partnering with daring entrepreneurs and startups to bring the future into the present.

If you're passionate about the potential of AI and Web 3, we invite you to join us at our monthly events in Los Angeles, California, and our incubation program for early-stage startups, called Vice City Lab!

Some Of Our Partners

The future awaits those who dare! Let´s Pioneer Together!

The Vice City Ventures managing team is made up of hard-core developers with a proven record of building and scaling startups that generate millions of dollars in annual recurring revenue and partnering with Fortune 500 companies to create the most exciting technology.

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Vice City Labs

We help entrepreneurs to build million-dollar startups and bring the future of Artificial Intelligence and Web 3 into the present.

Vice City Labs is a holistic incubation program looking to partner with founders eager to build memorable companies!

This is how we will help you

State-of-the-art software development.

We count on more than 40 veteran developers ready to help you code the future.

Cutting-edge UI/UX design

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” We ensure both your product´s appearance and usability are nothing less than excellent.

Legal Structure.

Your company's legal structure is the cornerstone upon which your entire project will be built. We will help you get this right!

10 years of success in the tech industry.

After ten years, you learn how to successfully navigate the exciting and challenging waters of the business world. Let us help you with the orientation of your journey.

Online growth hacking

Great ideas die because they never reach the right audience; this will not be your case. We will build your online presence to ensure your offer reaches hundreds of thousands of leads.

Seed capital.

Between $25,000 to $150,000 in capital ammunition to scale infrastructure.

Vice City Labs is mainly focused on early-stage startups providing technological solutions through the usage of Artificial Intelligence and Web 3 in ANY type of industry!

If you think our incubation program brings the missing parts of the puzzle you are looking to solve, Let's take the first step and schedule a discovery call! We may be one meeting away from starting the next BIG million-dollar startup!

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Meet Your New Partners

Since 2015, Lawrence Mansour, Belbron Emanoel, and Steven Harris have been running EZ-AD and scaling several successful companies to more than a million dollars in annual recurring revenue. At its core, they are hard-core entrepreneurs capable of executing any new project, regardless of the scope.

Now, all that experience is being directed into Vice City Labs to incubate, build and scale the most memorable companies involved in the usage of AI and Web 3.

Lawrence Mansour
Steven Harris
Belbron Emanoel

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Vice City Events

We inspire change by fostering meaningful conversations about the present and the future of disruptive technologies in the entrepreneurial world.

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Once a month, Vice City Ventures organizes its networking mixer event in beautiful Santa Monica, California, where investors, entrepreneurs, and talented people meet to become part of the discussion about AI and Web 3!

Whether you are looking for your next business partner, hoping to raise capital, or just want to meet new like-minded friends, this event is for you!

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